Tandem IVF Treatment

North Cyprus IVF Centre – Tandem IVF Cycle 

Target Patient Group:

Women with lowered ovarian reserve and lowered oocyte quality, possibly with previous IVF failures with own eggs

Cost of Treatment:

Please Inquire

Estimated Length of Stay in Cyprus:

6 days

Success Rate: Depends on age bracket, semen parameters and fertility assessment. Overall success rate for all age brackets 66%.


Gaining great popularity within the last few years, Tandem Cycling allows women with lowered ovarian reserves to have a chance of pregnancy using their own eggs, but at the same time having a back-up egg reserves through the use of an egg donor. This way, the patient has a shot at pregnancy using her own eggs as well as young and fertility proven donor eggs as well.

A tandem cycle allows you to receive a lower dose of medication since you will only be needing a few good quality eggs. At the end of the IVF cycle, couple can choose any combination of donor/own eggs to use for the embryo transfer.  This also allows you to have a go with your own eggs first and freeze donor’s eggs for a future cycle without facing the cost of two separate cycles should you end up having a sufficient number of eggs with a good quality rating.

 Tandem IVF cycle in North Cyprus

A tandem cycle is a great option for older women and for women with elevated FSH, therefore, diminished ovarian reserve levels. A tandem cycle can be seen as investing in two different stocks to divide the risk of your investment, so the risk is minimized. A tandem cycle gives you the option of using your own eggs as well as young and healthy donor eggs in a single IVF cycle. The steps involved in a tandem IVF cycle are exactly like the steps involved in “IVF with ICSI treatment. The only difference is, you are provided with an additional set of eggs to use at the end of the procedure. However, just like in an egg donation cycle, patients are asked to provide with the following information for an accurate donor matching process:


– Female patient’s physical features (skin, hair and eye color)
– Female patient’s menstrual period information
– Female partner’s picture for a more accurate matching
– Female and male partner’s blood types.

For an effective donor matching, we will ask that you fill out an “egg recipient form” so that our donor coordinator can effectively analyze your request and identify the most suitable matches either based on your own physical features or any other specifications you may request in your egg donor. Another important consideration we like to use as an important parameter is the donor’s previous donation history. Most of our egg donors have proven pregnancies via previous donations.

In principle, even though you are using an egg donor, you will still be undergoing standard IVF+ICSI procedures where your own ovaries will be stimulated to obtain eggs. This necessitates that you are thoroughly examined and assessed for fertility so that our IVF specialists can identify the right treatment protocol for you along with the most suitable medication regimen. For initial testing and assessment, please make sure that you review our “Male and Female Testing” section.

In a tandem cycle, you will end up with two sets of eggs, one of your own and one from your egg donor. Legally, we are able to transfer up to three embryos in a given cycle, therefore, given that both sets of eggs result in viable embryos for transfer, you will be able to decide how many of your own embryos and how many embryos created with donor eggs you would like to have transferred.

You should keep in mind that a tandem IVF cycle is most suited for women whose ovarian reserves have been depleted but not completely exhausted. It is important that you still have regular menstrual cycles and that you still ovulate so that you can be considered for a Tandem IVF Cycle. Otherwise, if you have no antral follicles in your ovaries and you no longer ovulate, you should consider “Donor Egg IVF” as an option.

For any questions you may have about our tandem cycle IVF including cost, medical details, or any question in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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