Medicine for Infertility Treatment

Preliminary work for IVF Treatment


Fertility treatments involve a number of procedures and steps, therefore, once you have decided to receive treatment with us, and once we have identified the right mode of treatment protocol suited for your unique fertility needs and requirements, you will be required to follow some easy steps in order to successfully complete your preliminary work before you come to Cyprus to finalize your treatment. These steps include the following:

Obtaining Medication:

In order to obtain your medication, you can either contact your local gynecologist and kindly ask them to write you an order so that you can purchase your medication locally at your pharmacy.

Vitamins are an essential part of your treatment. It has been shown that folic acid supplements not only help you maintain a healthy pregnanyc, but also help with your baby’s neural development, therefore, it is important to start using folic acid prior to embryo transfer and continue using for the duration of your pregnancy.

Similarly, use of Vitamin C tablets (precisely, 500 mg) has been identified with increased quality of eggs retrieved, therefore, it will be important to use vitamin C supplements daily for at least 2-3 weeks prior to egg retrieval.

Finally, because your daily food intake may not provide you with all the essential nutrients, it will be important to use a prenatal vitamin complex prior to and throughout your pregnancy. Pregnacare or any other one-a-day prenatal vitamin complex will be useful.


Using Medication:
Some of the medication you will use in your protocol are in tablet forms, so they are used orally. However, some of the medication are in injection form, therefore, it can be a bit more complicated to administer them. Some patients find it useful to have the injections administered by a nurse or a doctor first so they can learn how to do it and they can do it themselves afterwords. The injections we use in fertility treatment are sub-Q, meaning, they are administered right under the skin. Please watch the videos below for preparing and administering the Gonal-F injections:

Following video provides information about mixing and dose adjustment.

After watching the video on the link above, please view the video on the link below on administering the injection:

Even though the specific time of the injections does not make much of a difference with respect to outcomes, the time elapsed between each injection does. Therefore, it is important to be consistent with your injection timings. Make sure that there is approximately 24 hours between each injection. For instance, if you administer your Gonal-F at 8 AM in the morning the first day, make sure you administer it around the same time the next day. A couple of hours of difference is acceptable.

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