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North Cyprus IVF Center was first established in 1998 and became a fully functioning infertility clinic in 2001. North Cyprus IVF Center is the very first IVF Clinic in Northern Cyprus and has been a pioneer in fertility treatments on the island. On our website, you will be able to find information about causes and diagnosis of infertility, treatment options for various infertility problems and many more details. We are proud to offer highest end technology in fertility treatments at affordable low costs. It is no coincidence that we have been named “Europe’s leading IVF Clinic in Donor Egg IVF treatments”. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a more effective assessment of your infertility problem.


IUI treatment, low dose medication and non invasive infertility treatment

IUI Treatment

Mostly suited for patients in their 20s, IUI treatment is the least invasive infertility treatment where a mild ovarian stimulation protocol is followed followed by sperm injection. This treatment has a general success rate of 25%

IVF Treatment in North Cyprus. ICSI and IVF

IVF+ICSI Treatment

At North Cyprus IVF Centre, ICSI is a standard procedure offered alongside with IVF Treatments. Success rate with IVF is significantly higher than the IUI method but this method is more invasive.

IVF treatment without medication, low dose IVF medication

Mini IVF Treatment

Mini IVF Treatment is a relatively new treatment method suited for older age brackets, especially for patients in their 40s. Mini IVF aims to obtain a few, but high quality eggs through a mild stimulation cycle.

IVF with Cytoplasmic Transfer for older couples

Cytoplasmic Transfer

IVF with Cytoplasmic Transfer is also a treatment option for older female patients who are at the risk of having damaged mitochondria due to aging eggs.

IVF with donor eggs in North Cyprus, chance of success with egg donation

Egg Donor IVF Treatment

Egg donation or donor egg IVF treatment is a treatment option suitable for female patients whose ovarian reserves have been depleted or compromised.

Tandem IVF cycle with own eggs as well as donor eggs

Tandem IVF Treatment

Tandem IVF Cycle is an IVF treatment option for women with diminished ovarian reserves. In this treatment option, own eggs as well as donor eggs are used.

IVF using sperm donor is known as sperm donation. This is for men with azoospermia

Sperm Donor IVF Treatment

Many men suffer from Azoospermia. If for any reason, the male patient is unable to produce normal sperm cells that can generate pregnancy, use of a sperm donor will be an option. Sometimes alternative …

Gender selection refers to selecting the sex of your unborn baby before conception or before pregnancy.

Gender Selection Treatment

Gender selection is an option for patients who would like to balance their family or for patients who would like to minimize the likelihood of sex linked diseases with their unborn child.

Gestational surrogacy for gay couples, same-sex couples or heterosexual couples.

US-Based Surrogacy Program

Gestational surrogacy is a treatment option for women who are unable to carry a pregnancy to a full term or for gay male couples who need the help of a surrogate to have a child. Our US-based program…

Surogical sperm extraction, sperm retrieval TESA PESA MESA

Surgical Sperm Retrieval

Surgical sperm retrieval becomes an option for men with azoospermia. Based on your fertility assessment, the right type of sperm retrieval method can be selected.

Embryo donation, embryo adoption at North Cyprus IVF Centre

Egg and Sperm Donation

Egg and Sperm donation, also known as embryo donation is an option for couples with both male and female factor infertility. Both and egg and a sperm donor…

Same sex parenting, known as gay surrogacy in the United States

Gay Surrogacy Program

Same sex parenting, also known as gay surrogacy is a treatment program suited for same sex male couples who need the help of a surrogate to have a child.


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