Same-Sex Surrogacy (Gay Parenting)

Same sex parenting- Parenting by openly gay couples is still a relatively new area because society as a whole has yet to catch up with the trend. In many societies, you may encounter suspicion or even hostility if you’re parenting with a same-sex partner. You’re in a unique position to show, through your own example, that gay parents can make good parents and that gay families can be happy families. All the research to date suggests that the children of gay parents are at no significant disadvantage compared to children of straight parents. Parenting is not gender specific, all people are equal and everyone who is capable of giving and receiving love is a candidate to be a good parent!

Considering the legal complexities and timeframes involved in adoption, surrogacy has become a very promising avenue for gay couples wanting to complete their families with a baby. Recognizing this trend, many agencies have started fighting over who gets their own share of the gay community! As with all growing industries, the quality of these agencies varies greatly, and it is very important that gay couples looking for surrogacy services take the time to become well-educated consumers. This is particularly true for gay couples because of the complexities involved in protecting gay families. (Deborah Wald, Esq; 2009). It is of essence that you do your homework and make sure that you understand all the legal, monetary and emotional aspects of a surrogacy journey.

We do not see gay surrogacy as an “industry” waiting to be exploited. Just like we help heterosexual couples have babies, we also help gay couples have babies, it is as simple as that! Our treatments are not gender oriented and neither our attitudes! However, this is not enough! Surrogacy is a very complex process and the legal aspects involved in surrogacy cases are to be taken seriously. This is not a trial and error kind of deal. You need to be legally protected and the contract protecting you should be drafted in a country where the laws apply!

Nowadays, we hear about surrogacy options in the third world countries where majority of people don’t even have access to safe drinking water. That is not to say that these countries are incapable of offering treatment. However, if the country is suffering from large deficiencies of many kinds, can its legal system be there for you should you need them? Is this a risk you would be willing to take?

Our same-sex parenting program works in a dual way. We combine the legal system of the United States with affordable treatment costs of Northern Cyprus and present you with CASS! CASS is short for Cyprus-America Surrogacy Services. It has been operating since 2008. All the legal aspects of your contract, your surrogate recruitment, legal proceedings, child birth and registration take place in the United States. The state in which your baby is registered depends on where your surrogate is recruited. However, your surrogate will always be recruited in one of the many gay friendly states in USA.

Once the legal framework has been established and your surrogate has been recruited, the rest of the procedures will work just like in an “Egg Donor IVF Treatment” cycle where will will match you up with an egg donor and you and your surrogate will be the recipient. Just like heterosexual couples receive egg donor IVF treatment, you and your surrogate will be like a “couple” seeking treatment…

Whether you are a gay couple or a single gay man, you have a right to be a parent and taste the joy of parenthood.

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