IVF with Sperm Donation

Low sperm count, poor motility, or abnormal morphology of sperm can make it very difficult to conceive using your partner’s sperm. In some cases, live sperm cells may be totally absent in the ejaculate, which will necessitate a sperm donor for pregnancy to be achieved. This is a procedure by which the egg of a female patient is fertilized using IVF/ICSI, with sperm from a healthy male that has been donated and kept frozen in a sperm bank. The resulting embryo may then develop into a fetus inside the uterus. This way, a couple gets a chance to conceive a child who has genetic traits of one of the parents and the mother can get to experience pregnancy.

At North Cyprus IVF Fertility clinic, we only use certified sperm from a well-known and accredited international cryo bank. We are able to disclose information such as height, weight, educational attainments, skin, eye and hair color of the donor. However, we do not disclose any information about the identity of the donor. We do not accept walk-in sperm donations.

The Sperm Donation IVF program work very much like the IVF/ICSI treatment program outlined in our “IVF with ICSI”. The only difference is, instead of using the male patient’s own sperm, certified donor sperm is used. Other than this, the five step IVF program is followed in an identical manner.

Before attempting treatment using a sperm donor, patients may want to consider surgical sperm retrieval methods as the last resort. In some cases, even though the male patient is not able to produce sperm through ejaculation, we might still be able to obtain sperm from within the testes through minor surgical procedures like TESA/PESA/MESA. In such cases, we simply follow the regular IVF/ICSI treatment program and on the day of female patient’s egg retrival, the male partner undergoes a minor surgical procedure so that our specialists can obtain a small tissue from the testes and look for live sperm cells. If live sperm cells are found, then the patients are able to proceed with treatment using the male partner’s sperm sample. If the surgical retrieval methods fail to provide any live sperm cells, then the patients will have the option to proceed with donor sperm. It should be known that the quality of sperm obtained through surgical procedures are likely to be lower compared to regular sperm cells found in the ejaculate (as only mature spermatooza are present in the ejaculate where surgical retrieval obtains the immature sperm that has not reached the ejaculation stage). For this end, we often do not recommend freezing sperm obtained through these procedures.

For an accurate donor matching process, we will require the following:

– Male partner’s physical features (skin, hair and eye color)
– Male and female partner’s blood types
– Any other specification you would like to set forth

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