IVF with Egg Donation

Egg (oocyte) donation is the IVF treatment option for couples with female infertility factor. In many instances, the female’s egg production could be insufficient, egg quality maybe poor or the age of the patient does not allow her to conceive with her own eggs. This option is also explored when the female is already in menopause and unable to produce eggs. In this case, a healthy egg donor is chosen and her eggs are used to fertilize with the husband’s sperm. The formed zygote is then transferred into the wife’s uterus.

An egg donor is the person who donates her eggs to be received by another woman who is not able to become pregnant with her own eggs. All egg donors at North Cyprus IVF Clinic are subjected to very strict criteria including hormone and infectious disease testing, genetic karyotyping and other general health check ups.

In Egg donor IVF treatment, the steps involved are very much like the ones outlined in the “IVF with ICSI” treatment section. However, in this treatment program, instead of the female patient, a young egg donor receives the medication supplement and is subjected to ovarian stimulation to produce eggs. Once these eggs are developed, they are retrieved and fertilized with the male partner’s semen sample. The rest of the steps are identical to the IVF with ICSI treatment program.
The rest of the steps are identical to those of IVF at North Cyprus IVF.

The female patient, who is undergoing egg donation IVF treatment, however, also needs to take certain medication prior to the embryo transfer stage to make sure that the uterus is fully prepared for pregnancy. In egg donation IVF programs, we make sure that the donor’s blood group is compatible with the couple who is undergoing this treatment. The patients can also choose their donor based on certain physical characteristics such as hair, eye and skin color, education and work status as well as ethnicity. However, due to legal restrictions of Northern Cyprus, we cannot arrange for the patients to come in contact with their egg donor. Neither we are allowed to show pictures. The egg donor remains anonymous for the entire procedure.

The first step in egg donation treatment at North Cyprus IVF is to see your local gynecologist for an ultrasound scan (sonogram). This is to make sure that the female partner has no major problems in general that can potentially interfere with a successful pregnancy. Once the initial testing process has been completed, we are able to provide you with a chart of treatment so that you can prepare for your treatment. This chart of treatment will contain daily medication use, as well as a schedule for your doctor appointments. Once the preliminary work is final, you will need to come to Cyprus for about 6 days.

For an accurate donor matching process, we ask that you provide us with the following information:
– Your physical features (skin, hair and eye color)
– Your menstrual period information if applicable
– You and your husband’s blood types
– Your picture

The cost of egg donation IVF at North Cyprus IVF clinic is slightly higher than conventional IVF since it requires the use of an egg donor. However, we are able to offer this treatment program at competitively low and affordable cost levels. For more information regarding the costs, please use the contact form.

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