Embryo Donation (Egg and Sperm Donor IVF Treatment)

Embryo donation, or sometimes referred to as embryo adoption, is a treatment type where both an egg donor and a sperm donor are used during the IVF process. Sperm used in embryo adoption comes from a cryobank while eggs are harvested fresh from an egg donor though egg donation.

Embryo donation is a treatment option for couples with male and female factor infertility where neither the female patient’s eggs nor the male patient’s sperm are viable for the IVF procedures for embryo creation. It is also a treatment option for single females whose ovarian reserves have been depleted and will be in need of both eggs and sperm in order to get pregnant. In order for North Cyprus IVF specialists to be able to make an assessment of both partners’ infertilities, infertility assessment explained in our “Infertility” section will be in order. Once an assessment have been made, and it becomes evident that both and egg donor and a sperm donor will be required with treatment, we will be able to proceed accordingly.

Embryo donation works very much like “IVF with Egg Donation” in terms of the steps involved in treatment. The female partner receives the same type of treatment as a patient undergoing “IVF with Egg Donation”. The only difference is, on the day of your donor’s egg retrieval procedure, instead of your partner’s sperm, donor sperm is used for fertilization. Otherwise, procedures and steps involved will be identical.

For an effective donor matching process, we will need your physical features including skin, eye and hair color, other physical attributes and perhaps pictures of both partners so that we can narrow down the list of suitable donors and match you up accordingly. Due to donor anonymity, we are only able to share very limited information about our egg and sperm donors. This information includes physical features, medical background information, education and occupation.

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